About the Cast

Vikodin is a normal penguin, who was the victim of a tragic accident which changed his entire mentality. Instead of being comfortable among the ice, he now has an inescapeable desire to leave the harsh temperatures of the antarctic. Valian, his brother, is convinced to accompany him on his search for a milder climate. Aunt Olivia, and a horde of distant relatives, who have currently taken up residence in the brothers home, are kept in the dark over the escape, and so far have no idea that the two have even left.
Steve, a complacent Polar Bear with marital issues, helped direct the pair in the right direction.


Vikodin was originally cast as a viking, the chief of a particular tribe who were about to be attacked, and ran away by sailing out to sea. Since I don't really enjoy drawing the human form, I decided to change the characters to penguins, and thus the current Vikodin was born. Valian soon followed, and a slew of other characters.

About the Author

I'm 19 years old, and live in Australia. I currently attend the Queensland College of Art, and am studying for a Bachelor of Animation. Besides drawing, I enjoy music, and play several instruments. I'm in a band called The Best Defence. Myspace?

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